How do I purchase Malaysia Airlines duty-free items by using my Enrich Miles?
You can purchase the item (s) by using your Enrich Miles at in 3 simple steps:

  1. Click “Enrich Login” by entering your email & Password.
  2. Select your desired products and add them to your shopping cart
  3. Choose to pay with Enrich Miles in full or combine Miles & Cash via credit/debit card at Checkout.

What is the minimum number of Enrich Miles required for Temptations Online Redemption?
The minimum requirement is 2,000 Enrich Miles.

Can I redeem my Enrich Miles to pay for the entire value of my purchases on Temptations website?
Yes, Enrich Miles can be redeemed in full value of the items purchased online as long as miles are sufficient exclude shipping fee and taxes.

Can I redeem partial Miles and the remaining balance to be paid by credit/debit card for my purchase on Temptations website?

Can Enrich Miles be redeemed to pay for delivery charges, taxes and etc?
Enrich Miles cannot be redeemed to offset any delivery charges, prevailing taxes, customs/import duties and postal clearance, which are applicable for home delivery, and these vary between countries.
Standard shipping charges apply at Shipping charges

If I redeem with Enrich Miles and top up the balance by Credit/Debit card, will I earn Enrich Miles for the payment by Credit/Debit card?
Members will not earn Enrich Miles For the balance paid by credit/debit card regardless of the value if the Enrich Miles redeemed.

Can I redeem Enrich Miles for all items on Temptations website?
Yes, you may redeem Enrich Miles for all products in Temptations website. However, certain item (s) will not be applicable for local/international delivery. Refer to Shipping charges

Can I redeem Enrich Miles for Temptations products through Malaysia Airlines Call Centre & ticketing offices?
Temptations Online Redemption is only available at

Can I use Enrich RM50 vouchers to pay for purchases on Temptations website?
Enrich members are not allowed to use RM50 Enrich voucher for purchases on Temptations website.
The Enrich RM50 vouchers can be used for in-flight purchases only.

Can my Enrich Miles be refunded?
Enrich Miles redeemed are non-refundable. Unless there are defect/damage/expired item (s) or lost in transit which is subject to Temptations Return Policy, member will be offered with product replacement of the same value of lower

Can my Enrich Miles be refunded if I wish to make changes to my payment (example. use more miles for redemption or change the transaction by payment credit card)?
Once the transaction is completed, no refunds or changes are allowed. Appeals will not be entertained.

How can I check my latest Enrich Miles balance, change or update my personal details?
You can login to your Enrich account at to check or manage your account.

Will the Enrich Miles thay I earned from Temptations will be credited instantly into my Enrich account?
The Enrich Miles will be credited into the Enrich account within 6-8 weeks after succeful purchase and subject to eligibility.

What happens if I have earned the Miles upon purchase and request to cancel my order afterward?
Order cannot be cancelled but product can be exchanges for the same value redeemed. Cash/Enrich Miles will not be refunded.

Who should I contact to find out more about Temptations Online Redemption?
For Enrich-related enquiries, please contact our Malaysia Airlines Call Centre at 1300883000 (within Malaysia) or +603 5562 6330 (outside Malaysia) or email to [email protected]

For Temptations product-related queries, please contact Temptations Customer Services hotline at 603-8787 6666 (Monday to Friday: 9.30am-5.30pm Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays (in Malaysia): Closed) or email to [email protected].

Temptations website may run some promotion campaign from time to time, Can I redeem Enrich Miles to enjoy the promotion?
Yes. Deduction of Enrich Miles is an additional payment method that is accepted by Temptations online redemption.
Hence, most of the on-going promotion/campaign are availavle to be paid via Enrich Miles, unless otherwise stated in the particular promotion/campaign terms & conditions.