Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines' Batik Face Mask - Kebaya

The Malaysia Airlines uniform was designed to reflect the country tradition & culture, incorporating the Kebaya Batik. The batik design features a bamboo weave pattern superimposed on a Kelarai leaves motif, a mixture of stylised local flora such as the Cempaka, Jasmine, and Hibiscus. Our Kebaya Batik Face Mask incorporates the historical Kebaya motif. It is a 3-ply reusable & washable face mask which comes with adjustable over-the-ear-loops. The Face Mask is furnished in a single size that comfortably fits male or female adults. The outer layer is a high quality spun polyester layer that is dust and wash resistant for performance & endurance. The middle layer is a non-woven fabric that filters against dust, water & other particles. The inner layer is a soft micro-fibre mesh for maximum comfort. Comfortable, safe and stylish, each package includes one (1) Kebaya Batik Face Mask packed in an eco-friendly envelope.

Item is generally delivered within 4 working days.

MYR 36.00
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